Life Lessons – A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey

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Life Lessons – A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey

by Alison Browne-Ellis (author)

A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey is about a Caribbean girl from the small and beautiful island of Barbados. Alison Browne-Ellis was raised by a single mum with her three other siblings in an urban district, in what most would describe as extremely humble beginnings.

Surviving a childhood where the most basic needs were in scarce commodity, the author understands the true meaning of struggles but was quietly determined to break the cycle of poverty, while raising the profile shaped by her past generations. She reveals a strong purpose that shaped her career journey, and highlights what she believes are the key personal skills and qualities required to achieve and sustain career success. In her book, Alison Browne-Ellis shares a collection of personal life stories that have shaped her career journey and influenced her leadership style in the hope of inspiring others.

About the Author

Born and raised in the beautiful island of Barbados, Alison Browne-Ellis is a highly respected Corporate Executive and is proud to carry the label of a strong, black, intelligent, successful, and transformational woman leader.

Having been raised by a single mum in what most would describe as extremely poor conditions, Alison defied the odds and worked here way up the corporate ladder. Today, Alison is a progressive Career Professional and John Maxwell Certified Coach. Her career experience spans across 23 years in the financial services industry where she successfully led her current employer to acquire the status of the first Non-Financial Institution in the English-speaking Latin American Caribbean region to obtain a Principal Membership license with Visa International.

Alison is passionate about the professional development of other career professionals and offers mentorship and coaching opportunities and other career insights, tips and advice through her Personal Blog entitled “Life Lessons” available at

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