Managers’ First Aid Kit – Premium Edition

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Managers’ First Aid Kit – Premium Edition

by Joan H. Underwood (author)

The transition from line staff to management is fraught with difficulty. Sixty percent of new managers either fail outright or underperform in their first two years, while 51% of managers said they were unprepared for their first managerial role. In this quick-reference guide, Master Trainer and Professional Coach Joan Underwood shares practical insights and proven strategies for conquering the three most common challenges associated with this transition–managing self, managing others, and managing processes. This practical “how-to” guide is an invaluable resource for experienced, new, and aspiring supervisors and managers who would like to take their performance to the next level. Underwood draws from over twenty-five years of experience as a manager, lecturer, HR practitioner, consultant, trainer, and coach to craft a relatable blend of theory, practical models, proven strategies, and engaging stories. As a bonus, each chapter contains activities designed to help readers apply and reinforce the lessons learned. By implementing the strategies in this guide, you will:

  • Make a smoother transition from individual contributor to manager
  • Possess a higher level of self-awareness
  • Gain proven strategies for self-regulation
  • Have the ability to anticipate and respond rather than merely reacting to challenges
  • Possess an enhanced ability to get things done with and through others

It’s time to distinguish yourself from the majority of managers struggling to succeed in a new and challenging role. Managers’ First Aid Kit is your go-to resource to master the art and science of managing, so you can become the leader your company needs and the best manager you have the capacity to be.

Premium Edition

In addition to the rich content that appears in the electronic and original edition of Managers’ First Aid Kit, the premium edition features full-colour diagrams and theoretical models. The premium edition makes a great gift item for that special new, aspiring or experienced manager in your life. It also gives heads of organizations the opportunity to help their management teams take their performance to the next level by ensuring that each member has a personal copy of this valuable and practical guide.

About the Author

Joan H Underwood is the Managing Director of Underwood Talent Development Services (UTDS), an acclaimed consulting firm specializing in helping professionals, business enterprises, governments and Caribbean institutions develop high performance individuals, teams, and strategies. Joan holds a Masters in Health Services Administration from the George Washington University and an Executive MBA from the Cave Hill School of Business/University of the West Indies. Her proverbial tool kit is also equipped with the designations of Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Accredited Director (Acc.Dir.) Master Trainer, Certified Change Practitioner, and Erickson Professional Coach.

 With over 20 years as a pioneer in the Caribbean talent development and human resources professions, she was one of twenty-seven outstanding women leaders in the Commonwealth featured in the book Championing Women Leaders – Beyond Sponsorship. In addition to her work in coaching, management and policy, Joan served for seven and a half years as Antigua and Barbuda’s Non-Resident Ambassador to a number of Latin American countries including Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil.

An avid reader, Joan particularly enjoys a good book, date nights with her husband Rudie, listening to the sweet melodies of steelband music, fellowship with her church community and being an active member of the Human Resource Management Association of Barbados (HRMAB).

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