Mario Herbert

Mario Herbert is a multifaceted Barbadian author. He holds the firm belief that real life—especially in the Caribbean—is fill with enough colourful and exciting experiences to fuel great fiction. As such, his writings always pull on real experiences to provide grounded fiction.

Mario has chosen to focus on short stories. His books each consist of three stories, which are designed to entertain independently, but also fit together to tell a larger, cohesive tale.

Mario’s books are conceived as part of a series. Similar to the short stories within, each book in a series is designed to entertain independently. When all the books in a series are put together, however, the series reveals a much larger, cohesive story.

Mario’s present works focus on comedic, coming-of-age tales which not only entertain, but provide an ultimately positive message or lesson.

With eight books presently planned, spanning two series, Mario is just getting started with his literary journey.