Special Orders


Shipping (Special Orders)
Based on the quotation we provide, a fifty (50%) deposit is required for all special book orders. Please note that the prices quoted are based on current published prices, which may change without notice. Currency exchange rates and importation costs may also affect the final price. Book orders will be processed within 48 hours of receipt of deposit. The supply of book(s) is subject to availability with the Publisher. Delivery times are estimates since our goods are consolidated in both the UK and the USA before shipping.

Should you cancel the order before the promised delivery, and the book(s) is in transit, then the deposit is non-refundable. If, however, we cannot meet the delivery and consequently, the order is canceled, you will be given a refund. Please send your questions to enquires@daysbookstore.com.

Book Reservations
Books can be reserved until the next business day only. If our stock levels are low, we are under no obligation to hold stock.

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold stock for customers during the busy Back to School Season (June to September). However, should we receive a faxed booklist for collection or an internet order; the books will be held until the next working day ONLY.

If you wish to enquire about your online order please contact us bookorders@daysbookstore.com or give us a call:

Bookstore Tel:          246-426-9887
Administration Tel:  246-228-2858
Facsimile:                  246-436-5289

Use our contact form to reserve books, place a special order, or to make an enquiry.

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